Likely, you have found this blog because you are our friends and family. This blog is being created for you, as well as for us, so we can share and document our year of “early retirement.” Having spent the majority of our 20’s in school, we are ready for a break!

We have been lucky enough to find each other in Juneau, Alaska, a place where our love for the mountains and adventuring has been continually nurtured. Now that I have finished up a Master’s degree in Fisheries, and Gabe has not only completed a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics but masteredĀ the role of desk monkey for 3 years, we are ready to break away and adventure our way around Alaska, Canada, and the Western half of the United States. We have loaded up the Prius and invite you to follow our journey as we climb, ski, and adventure across North America!

Much love,

AlpineMonkeys (Melissa and Gabe)


Gabe and Melissa on top of Split Thumb in Juneau, Alaska.


Our Toyota Prius, roughing it along the Alaska Highway.


2 Responses to About

  1. Mike Fields says:

    Great blog guys – any beta on the Mendenhall Towers, specifically the West Ridge of the Main Tower, or likely snow conditions to be found en route around June 18-20.


    • AlpineMonkeys says:

      Thank you! Sorry about the delay. We asked a friend about current conditions on the towers and there is still a fair amount of snow out there and the rock is likely to be wet. But, a few days of sunny weather and it will usually be climbable. Have fun!


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